Data Community Austria Day 2023 – Wir leben noch!

Usually, January is the month when we traditionally held our #SQLSatVienna / #DataSatVienna or the #DataCommunityAustria Day. It’s been a long time (a year) since we got together for a big data event in Austria.

Although the covid situation in Austria and around the world got different compared to the years 2021 and 2022, we decided to NOT have an in-person event in January 2023. But we did not wanted to let the #DataCommunity in Austria be alone and wait for the next event to come (or not)

So we got together, asked some of our speaker friends around the world and organized another edition of the #DataCommunityAustriaDay! It will happen on Friday, 13th Januar 2023, starting at 9am CET.

  • 12 sessions
  • 2 tracks
  • 12 speaker
  • Fun, come together, learn and share

You can find more information at our UG webpage:

Register here:

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Microsoft Purview in the Year 2022 – A Recap Tour

A lot happened in the Microsoft Data Governance area, especially in the area of Microsoft Purview Data Governance.

Let’s go back in history and wrap up the announcements that have been made in Microsoft (Azure) Purview area. My main source for this summary is the Security, Compliance and Identity Blog.


There is a video summarizing the news

Remember: In the beginning of the year 2022, Microsoft Purview as still named Azure Purview.

January 2022

February 2022

March 2022

April 2022

May 2022

July 2022

October 2022

November 2022

December 2022

Quite an impressive list – What was your favorite feature of Microsoft Purview in 2022?

Happy data cataloguing & treat your data better!


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Ignite 2022 – Azure Data Platform Update

It’s the week of Ignite 2022 and as in the last years, many new features and updates have been announced. It’s hard to catch up with all the tweets, blog posts and similar things so I will recall the good old tradition of the Ignite Book of News.

This page lists all the announcements in one place, so head over there and browse through the list. If you do not want to read, you can have a look at the 8 minute summary video I recorded to talk about the Azure Data news.

Have fun and #treatYourDataBetter


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Microsoft Purview and Data Governance at PASS Data Community Summit

Yesterday the session catalog for the hybrid PASS Data Community Summit 2022 was released. I am now allowed to talk about my sessions that got selected for this event. It looks like there is a little bit of Data Governance and Microsoft Purview focus 😉

  • Ask us Anything – We (Victoria, Erwin, Richard and myself) will be on stage and answer your questions about Data Governance and Microsoft Purview. If you have any questions you want us to answer, please submit them here:
  • When the Standard UI is not Sufficient – Microsoft Purview & Apache ATLAS API. Many use cases in Microsoft Purview are available in the web UI, but sometimes you need to make more (i.e. add custom lineage/properties or query the content of your data catalog). In those cases, the Apache ATLAS API can be used.

Registration for the event is open and the Early bird price ends at July 13th ->

Govern your data and let’s meet at PASS Data Community Summit!#


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DataGrillen 2022 – Data Governance Session

Last week was DataGrillen 2022 time. An in-person event and it was fun. Big kudos again to the organizers – Ben and William for another edition of a relaxed and perfectly organized event!

I had the pleasure to talk about one of my favorite topics – Data Governance with Microsoft Purview. As the event was a little bit focused on BBQ (Grillen in german) I thought – Why not change the topic a little bit and focus on the real important things of life: How to find the best food (beef) in your organization.

Title slide of my presentation

All in all, the session went well. I enjoyed giving the presentation and according to the session feedback, the attendees did like it too! Thanks again for attending my session (and providing feedback)

The slides are available here – please download them and if you have any questions about Data Governance, Microsoft Purview or you want to start you Data Governance journey and need help: do not hesitate to contact me!

Finally, after more than 2 years, I had a chance to met my mentee Nikola Ilic for the first time “in real life”. We’ve spent hours and hours in virtual meetings, but finally in Lingen we met.

Some pictures from the event:

Happy data cataloguing,


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(Dynamic) Data Lineage in Microsoft Purview

One of the most important things to better know a data estate is to investigate into the data lineage topic.

In a non scientific definition, data lineage defines …

  • Where does my data come from?
  • Where does my data go to?
  • and What happens on the way?

In this blog post, you’ll see how data lineage from Azure Data Factory and Synapse pipelines are pushed into the Microsoft Purview. There is also a new (at least I found out about it some days ago) functionality that brings metadata-driven, dynamic pipeline runs into the lineage information in your Purview data map.

TL;TR – There is a video for all of that

Data Lineage in Microsoft Purview

In Microsoft Purview, the lineage view allows you to get to know more about the lineage of a certain data asset. Within the chain of your data supply chain, there are different shapes that Purview puts together.

Example of Purview data lineage

First, there are data stores like Azure Data Lake Storage accounts or Azure SQL Databases that store information and within the Purview context, contain data assets. The Microsoft Purview data map pulls this information from the sources during scan processes.

Second, there are transformation steps that connect data assets. In the example above there are two transformations shown (both are Azure Data Factory (ADF) pipelines – to be more specific ADF Copy activities). In the context of Purview, lineage information is pushed from ADF into the Purview data map.

How to get ADF/Synapse lineage into Microsoft Purview?

If you have not connected your Azure Data Factory (ADF) / Synapse workspace with your Purview account, you might start with the registration of a new source in Purview. BUT – there is no ADF source available in the Purview data governance portal.

No ADF source in Purview

In order to connect ADF with Purview, you need to start in ADF. Within the Manage menu, there is a Microsoft Purview section. In there, just connect your ADF instance with an existing Azure Purview account.

Already connected ADF with a Microsoft Purview account

This connection comes with two (main) options – search your Purview data catalog from ADF and the lineage push from ADF into Purview.

Search your Purview data catalog directly from ADF

Are there any additional requirements that lineage is pushed from ADF into Purview?

No. Simply speaking no. You only need an ADF Pipeline containing a copy activity. And – you need to run that pipeline at least once.

Every execution of a pipeline (in an ADF instance connected to Purview) pushes lineage information into the Purview data map. You can check that by a drill-down into the activity run history. Every copy activity execution gets a new icon (lineage status) that indicates the lineage push into Purview. In some cases, the lineage push does not work because of some limitations / requirements for the copy activity (see more in the documentation –

But what about Dynamic / Meta-data driven pipelines in ADF and Synapse?

In many of our projects, we do not develop ADF pipelines that are “hard-coded” – i.e. that are configured to copy data from a fixed-defined source into a fixed-defined destination. What we do instead is to use metadata driven pipelines.

Within these metadata driven pipelines, usually a lookup activity is used to get the list of objects to load and a ForEach activity loops over the items to load. I will not go into details of metadata driven pipelines (there are tons of blog posts out in the thing called internet).

a simple metadata driven ADF pipeline
ADF copy activity using a data set with parameters. The values are set with the current iteration-item (@item())

There was one problem with this kind of pipelines and their lineage push into Purview: it simply did not work. Dynamic Copy activities were not supported and the lineage of these pipelines did not appear in the Purview data map.

But fortunately this changed a few days ago. I have not seen any public announcement of that feature but for me (and my colleagues) this is huge gamechanger in the integration of ADF/synapse and Microsoft Purview.

Let’s run the example pipeline from the screen shot above and view the monitoring information of that run.

Monitoring log of an execution of the dynamic pipeline

What we can see is, that there are three executions of the Copy activity and all of them push the lineage information (indicated by the icon in the column Lineage status) into the Purview data map.

Lineage view in Microsoft Purview

Let’s head over to Microsoft Purview, search for the pipeline and … hmm… there is no lineage information available.. That’s because the pipeline itself does not expose lineage information – it’s the copy activity that does the work!

No lineage information for a ADF Pipeline in Microsoft Purview

If you open the data asset of the copy activity, we’ll be successful! Lineage is there. And with that – it’s the dynamic (metadata) lineage shown here.

Lineage in Microsoft Purview – dynamic, metadata lineage is here!

That’s it for the first look at the dynamic data lineage support in Microsoft Purview. I have not tested it in more details, but as a first conclusion I am really happy that dynamic copy activities are finally supported!

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Azure Purview is now part of Microsoft Purview

I was ready for a nice relaxing evening today, when an email appeared in my inbox “Azure Purview is now Microsoft Purview!”

Initially I thought… yeah.. “just another Microsoft product name renaming” .. but when I read through it more in depth I found out, that this is NOT just a renaming.

The email I found in my inbox

Microsoft Purview = Azure Purview + Microsoft 365 Compliance portfolio

Microsoft Purview is the (new) name for a comprehensive set of products to govern, protect and manage your entire data estate. From tracking your data sources and their dependencies to managing data compliance regulations, data loss and data risks.

According to, Microsoft Purview helps you to

  • Understand and govern data
  • Safeguard data, wherever it lives and
  • Improves risk and compliance posture

You can also watch the intro-video of the Microsoft Purview team:

Can you tell me your name please?

Microsoft Purview is no new service or product, it combines already existing services under one single umbrella. For a better reference I reference the new-name-cheatsheet from

The new names of the pieces that put together Microsoft Purview.

Not TL;TR – if you need more information

What’s next?

Well, this announcement needs some time on my side to get a better overview and deeper insight about the compliance part of what is now called Microsoft Purview. Stay tuned for some more blog posts and maybe some videos about it.

Love your data, #DoDataBetter and join the #TeamDataGovernance,


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Azure Purview Announcements March 2022

Hi members of #TeamDatagovernance!

It’s SQLBits week and I have the feeling that the Azure Purview team released some new features I want to summarize and give you some pointers to the announcement posts and documentation:

Dynamic SQL Lineage

For me, Data lineage is one of those fascinating techniques to better understand your data estate and get a better knowledge how systems are connected and what data flows are there in your data landscape.

Lineage was there in Azure Purview since the beginning (Azure Data Factory, SSIS lineage, Power BI) but this week another very important part of data lineage was put into public preview: Dynamic Lineage Extraction from Azure SQL Databases.

There are different ways how data lineage can be extracted from systems – one of them is static code analysis. The static approach includes all the CREATE PROCEDURE / CREATE VIEW statements and summarizes them into a lineage graph. This approach is powerful but there is more going on than the initially defined DDL statements like the execution of dynamic SQL statements.

The approach that Azure Purview implements is the dynamic lineage extraction (announcement post) that incorporates all the actions that happen in the database.

static versus runtime/dynmic analysis (source:

I’ve recorded a short video (youtube link) for a first, quick look on that feature.

Turn on lineage extraction in scan options for Azure SQL databases
Data lineage including a Stored proc

If you want to read more about the feature, learn what pre-requisites have to be met ->

Azure Purview now understand SAP Business Warehouse (BW)

There are new built-in sources added every now and then.. and today, SAP Business Warehouse (BW) was added to the list of supported sources:

SAP BW and Purview documentation:

Workflow support for Data Access Request (Preview)

To know your data sources, their connections and so on is a beginning for your data journey, but access securement is a huge and very important topic.

The Purview team released a new block of functionality – Workflow support for managing data access in Azure Purview

I did not have any time to dive into that feature, but you will get an update (blog post, video) in the next weeks.

In the meantime, please have a look at the announcement blog posts from the team:

Happy data cataloguing and data scanning,


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SQLBits 2022 – It’s quite a #DataGovernance theme for me…

17 Days to go… Starting on Tuesday, 8th March London will be the Microsoft Data capital for a week. It’s SQLBits ( time again and this year – if everything goes well – it will be an in-person conference experience for me!

The conference itself is a hybrid event – so we can meet in-person or virtually!

I am really looking forward to a week full of data platform sessions, discussions and news, new features and content!

This years SQLBits will be different for me – It will be a full packed week – all in all I am there for

  • 1 Traing Day about Data Governance – From Theory to Hands-On with Azure Purview on Tuesday
  • 1 surprises on Friday
  • 1 20 minutes Session (Friday): “Why you should care about Data Community and how the community cards about you
  • 1 50 minutes Session (Friday): “Data Governance with Azure Purview – Ask the Experts” Together with Victoria (t), Erwin (t) and Richard (t) we will answer and discuss your Data Governance / Azure Purview questions. Submit your questions here:
  • and last but not lease – 1 50 minutes session on Saturday together with my colleague and friend Bernhard Engleder (t) we’ll talk about Data Governance with Azure Purview – Theory, Customer Insights and Demos. We will share insights from our customer initiatives and how we at cubido guide our customers into the Data Governance journey.

I will be there for the full conference – feel free to stop me and say Hi! I am one of the people with a mask on.. 🙂

More information (schedule) –

Registration –

Stay curious, and more important – stay healthy!


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A new Azure Purview permission level – Policy authors

I’ve spotted a new Azure Purview permission level – Policy Authors. This new permission level is connected to the new Data Access Policy Management in Purview (as of today 2021-12-30 in preview;

One may ask: Why Wolfgang, why no blog post about that feature? Well, the answer is easy: it’s in preview and the preview limitations are strict – the enforcement side of the policies are limited certain Azure regions. And therefore, I am planning to try it (and blog about it) when it will be available in more regions.

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