Free Azure Data Summer: IoT for Beginners Course

Summer is here and temperatures get up and hey, don’t they need to be captured and analyzed? Isn’t there a technology that does this – the Internet of Things (IoT) !?

If you want to jumpstart your IoT journey, the Azure Cloud Advocates have prepared a 12-week, 24-lesson curriculum all about IoT basics.

The materials are available for free on github:

source: GitHub – microsoft/IoT-For-Beginners: 12 Weeks, 24 Lessons, IoT for All!

24 lessons are prepared including theory, sometimes videos, quizzes, knowledge checks and challenges! The topic range from IoT Basics, how to interact with sensors, working with IoT data, security, IoT devices, …

If my time allows, I will definitely dive into some of the topics..

Have fun, enjoy learning and have a great #FreeAzureDataSummer


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Compare Service Capabilities in the Microsoft 365 Portal

Today, I found some hidden gem in the Microsoft 365 portal. I was browsing through the list of available products and – for me totally new – found the Compare checkbox right next to the listed products. You maybe know that kind of feature from other web shops or product comparisons sites .. and the one in the M365 portal works the same 😉

  1. Head over to the Billing – Purchase Services section in the M365 admin portal (
Billing – Purchase Services in the M365 admin portal

2. Select the products you want to compare and add them to the Compare list.

Add products to the compare list

3. The Compare dialog .. well.. it’s a compare dialog listing some of the key functionalities and how they are supported by/in the compared products.

Comparison example #1 – Power BI (free) versus Power BI Pro

Power BI free versus Power BI Pro

Comparison example #2 – Office 365 E1/E3/E5

compare some O365 products

I know, a comparison in a webshop is not high tech, but I haven’t seen that feature in the M365 portal before!! And I thought: sharing is caring and everyday learning

Enjoy your day and hopefully you liked my finding of the day!


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Free Azure Data Summer: Try Azure for free!


Welcome to another part of the Free Azure Data Summer series – Today, it’s free Azure testing time…

With all those numerous Azure services it is not easy to select the right one. And sometimes, this can be costly. For this, the Azure team provides you with a Free Azure option

Try Azure for free:
  • This offer includes 200$ Azure credits to try Azure for free (for 30 days)
  • plus: free services for 12 months
  • plus: 25+ services that will stay free forever!

Nice one, right?

Head over to: and register your free Azure account. If you have any further questions, there is a Q&A section available:

Have fun, enjoy the summer and use those free options!


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Free Azure Data Summer: Try Azure Synapse for free

Hi everyone,

Summer is approaching and now is the right time to use the long evenings to try out and learn more about the Azure Data Platform.
This is the first part of a planned series of the Free Azure Data Summer – Today, it’s Azure Synapse free testing time…

The Azure Synapse team provides you with the opportunity of trying SQL Serverless pools and Spark pools for free until the end of July 2021.

See the details here <Try Azure Synapse>

Have fun, enjoy the summer and use those free options!


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Quick tip: Move Artifacts across Folders in Synapse Studio (Drag & Drop)

Another small but very powerful usability extension in Azure Synapse Studio was added at the beginning of June: Move artifacts across folders in Synapse Studio (without extra clicks but with drag&drop)

Once again, the release notes list contained the short sentence that made me curious… hmm… that sound nice… In one of my previous post, I described the “old” way of moving artifacts around in Synapse Studio.

Let’s try it out..

Well, what should I describe the process – it’s simple as usual 😉 Have a look at the animated GIF to see it in action.

Drag&drop for artifacts in Synapse Studio

Have fun developing in Synapse Studio…

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Link more than one Power BI Workspace in Azure Synapse Analytics

Let’s call it by accident, that I found out that Azure Synapse Analytics now let’s you to link more than just one Power BI workspace.. There is an entry in the Release notes/Update menu that lists this option.

The past: limit to only one linked Power BI Workspace

In one of my previous blog posts, I referred and mentioned the limitation of having a maximum of one linked Power BI workspace…

The present: Link multiple Power BI workspaces

The process is the same as in the past – Open the Manage Hub in Synapse Studio – Linked Services – and add an additional workspace link.

There is already one Power BI workspace link
Add a new Power BI workspace link

Head over to the Develop Hub and refresh the Power BI section – et voila – there are two Power BI workspaces listed now!

Having multiple Power BI workspace links in Azure Synapse Studio

In my case, the option to add multiple Power BI workspace links is a really required one. In most of our projects – or in all of our projects – we are not only using one Power BI workspace! In the past, this required us to switch to another browser window to open the Power BI portal directly… not more…

Have fun – with the Power BI integration in Synapse Studio!


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Data News – 2021-06-14

I am back after holiday and busy weeks at work with another edition of #WolfisDataNews!

Power BI

Azure Data

(Virtual) Events in the next weeks

Have a good start into the week!


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10 Minutes Lightning Talk at DataMinutes about “Power to the Query – Data Integration for the masses”

Today is the day of #DataMinutesthe fastest event in the Microsoft Data Platform space. A day full of 10 minutes sessions – 84 sessions, 2 tracks and two organizers – William and Ben have again prepared a great schedule..

If you have 10 minutes left today, head over into one of the two tracks – the Bar or the Grill and listen to one of the sessions!

The schedule is published here – as are the links to the teams meetings.

If you are new to Power Query and want to know more about it, join my session at 11:30 am!

Power to the Query!

You have not heard about Power Query? You are not sure how this YADI-tool (yet-another-data-integration-tool) can help you?
Let’s see where Power Query already has its place in todays tool landscape and how you can easily start using it.

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workingondata blog is featured in the Azure Analytics Portfolio and the Power BI blog Portfolio

Wow – just wow. Thank YOU my dear readers for making my little blog page that huge 😉 More than happy I found out yesterday, that this page – is now featured in both – the BARC Power BI Blog portfolio and the BARC Azure Analytics Blog Portfolio.

Power BI Blog Portfolio screenshot (taken 2021-05-28) – source:
Azure Analytics Blog Portfolio (screenshot taken 2021-05-28 – source:

Thanks to BARC – especially Stefan Sexl (linkedin) for the effort to collect all the blogs!

With that, enjoy some of my blog posts (Azure Purview or Azure Synapse Analytics anyone..?) and happy learning!


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Azure Purview and SQL Server / Azure SQL Views..

You already may be familiar with Azure Purview (first look)- the Azure data governance / data catalog service. In the last months, I got the chance to work on PoC projects together with customers and use & test Azure Purview in several demo instances.

SQL Views are not recognized by Purview scanners

There was one big thing missing so far – the scanning of SQL Server / Azure SQL Views. Which – well – in many cases (customer databases) was a huge loss of information in the data catalog.

This known limitation is listed on the documentation page but many of us overread this sentence.. 😦


My demo database contains several tables plus two views (depending on tables in the same database – “simple SELECTs”)

demo database (tables plus views)

After a scan in Purview, the list of artefacts looks like this:

Purview asset browser – Azure SQL database without view objects

But…. look what I’ve found today.. SQL Views in Azure Purview

But look what I’ve seen today… there are two more items in the Purview assets list 😉 Azure SQL Views

Purview Asset list (including SQL views)

The View metadata is read – including schema

Purview asset details – schema information for a view

BUT: what Lineage information still missing. This would be the extra bonus piece to have the data lineage for views included. But this is the implementation of today, let’s wait and see what future updates will bring.

Purview lineage for views – currently not available

One step into the right direction – SQL Views are now recognized by Azure Purview scanners. BUT: what really, really, really (@Azure Purview team ;-)) would kick this feature… data lineage for views 😉

With that – happy data cataloging,


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