My Thrilling #SQLYear 2015!

2015 is an exciting year for me – getting used to my newly built house and on the professional side: getting used to be part of #sqlcommunity.

During the last two years I participated in the #sqlcommunity by being an mainly passive-only part (attending SQLPass chapter meetings) and somehow active one by helping to organize the two #SQLSatVienna (2014= #SQLSat280 and 2015 = #SQLSAT374).

But in the beginning of the year 2015, I thought – why not trying to submit and actively present at SQLSaturdays!?

Well – and I did it – I submitted to overall 4 SQLSaturdays and ….

…. the unexpected happened – I got accepted to all those four events!!! Smile 

You cannot imagine how excited I got every time the acceptance mail appeared in my inbox.

So my journey to different countries – different parts of #sqlfamily – in europe began.

In February 2015, I was honored to be part of the speaker team at our local SQLSaturday, the #SQLSaturdayVienna 2015.

image   imageimageIn June 2015, I visited our german SQLPass friends for their SQLSaturday, the #SQLSaturdayRheinland 2015. It was a real pleasure getting that warm welcome, being part of an extraordinary organized conference and getting to know more inspiring personalities.





image image

Although every SQLSaturday weekend is really challenging for me (getting not much or very little sleep Smile) – the motivation I get back from such days is enormous…

Before summer, I got two confirmation mails indicating that I was selected for a session at #SQLSatParis AND #SQLSatDenmark. You cannot believe how excited I am! Paris – to be honest my favorite city – I am coming back!

imageOn Saturday, 5th September I will present my session “Professional Recycling – SSIS Custom Components with Visual Studio Community” at #SQLSatParis in Tour Montparnasse at the 40th floor with a beautiful view right to the Eifel Tower.

imageTwo weeks later, on September 19th, you can join my session at #SQLSatDenmark in Copenhagen. The topic of my session is: “Professional Recycling – SSIS Custom Components with Visual Studio Community”

So it got apparent, that I will be travelling in September to Paris and Copenhagen. If you are attending one of those events, just get in touch with me for a chat or event better – attend my session! Smile 

But – that was not all. One of my dreams for 2015 or somewhere in the future came true:   I will be speaking at THE SQL Server and Microsoft DataPlatform conference  – SQLPass Summit in Seattle, WA in October 2015!


image IMG_3275

For those of you who are living in Austria – I think you all heard my Yiiiippiieeeh screams! Smile In the first moment I could not believe that that is true. But according to the SQLPass Summit homepage I am listed as speaker.. Smile


I will present one of my favorite sessions “A Programmatic Journey through SSIS Catalog”. In this session I will tell you about the SSIS Catalog and in further detail about the underlying SSISDB and the objects in it. We will use SSISDB objects using T-SQL, C# and at the end do some reporting on SSIS Catalog data.


To close, I would like to thank all  event organizers for giving me the chance to present and share my knowledge! I did my best for the already passed and definitely will do my best for my upcoming sessions!

Happy #SQLfall!


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One Response to My Thrilling #SQLYear 2015!

  1. fgeisler2012 says:

    Dumme Frage: hast Du nicht auch in Portland präsentiert? Dann wären es ja 5 SQL Saturdays…

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