#SQLSatParis is over!

I am currently sitting at the Paris airport on my way home from SQLSaturday Paris 2015. It was a great conference, a great day of free training, networking and #sqlfamily!

Presenting on the highest skyscraper of Paris – Tour Montparnasse – at the 40th floor with marvelous view all over Paris.. What could be greater!?


If you would like to see the slides of my session – here you are… I tried docs.com this time – please share your feedback how it works for you!



Thank you – Merci beaucoup – to Jean-Pierre Riehl and all the other organizers, volunteers and all involved person for those great days!

Et alors – Merci pour le #sqlpetanque et le #sqlpicnic!

IMG_2770   IMG_2796IMG_2789   IMG_2792   IMG_2804   IMG_2774


IMG_2822  IMG_2818IMG_2819


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