Upcoming European SQLSaturdays (2015 and 2016) and.. testing new Power BI Features (GlobeMap, ImageUrl and Date Hierarchies)

Starting the planning for next year’s SQLSaturday season I compiled a list of the upcoming European SQL Saturdays (as listed on www.sqlsaturday.com of 2015-11-27).

Having compiled an Excel list I wanted to test the new features of Power BI announced during the last weeks (and months):

  • Automatic generation of Date hierarchies
  • Image URLs in tables and lists
  • and – a new custom visualization – GlobeMap



I imported the Excel file into Power BI Desktop (November 2015 version) and did some tweaking of the data model:

  • Define the columns City, Country as their representative Data Category
  • for the columns URL and LogoURL is specified “Web URL” and “Image URL”



And then report modeling began – The new features I used first were:

  1. Automatic creation of a date hierarchy
  2. Usage of images in tables and lists

ad 1. a date hierarchy is created for every date/datetime field that is entered onto the reporting surface. That date hierarchy provides additional aggregation levels (year, quarter, month) for that date value.


In the report that date hierarchy is displayed as follows – as you can see the generated aggregation levels are used correctly. A nice useful feature!


ad 2. the usage of images in lists is very very easy to implement. Do not forget to specify the appropriate data category and simply place the field on the report. And that’s it.. Smile 


For the new custom visualization announced last week (GlobeMap – a 3D world map) you have to download the new visual from the Power BI visuals homepage: http://visuals.powerbi.com. Look for the Globe Map visual and download the pbiviz file to your PC.


To enable the custom visual in Power BI Desktop import the downloaded file.


After the import the visual is added to the visual toolbox in Power BI Desktop and you can use it. For the screenshot below I used the name of the country as location and a simple count of Codenames for the height of the bar. And – we got a nice geographical overview of the upcoming European SQLSaturdays!





More information about SQLSaturday is provided at www.sqlsaturday.com



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