SQL Server 2016–CTP 3.2 is available .. and many other stuff like SSMS, Report Builder, … it’s like christmas!

Today, the latest CTP (3.2) of the upcoming SQL Server 2016 was released to the public. You can download the latest bits from the SQL Server Evaluation Center

For me, one of the highlights definitely are the first parts of the announced BI roadmap. Mobile Reports can now be viewed side-by-side in the preview of the Reporting Services portal. In the current CTP this new portal only supports viewing (for editing and adding new reports or datasources you have to use the “old” SSRS report portal) – but this will definitely change in future releases.

image_thumb[3] Quelle: MSDN Blog

Within this preview portal you are able to view two differen types of reports – paginated reports and mobile reports (Datazen reports) side by side. In order to create those mobile reports a new publishing tool was announced (that will be available by the end of this year – which is quite near  Smile). In the announcement blog post Microsoft called that new tool Microsoft SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher (MSSMRP? Smile what a nice acronym)

image_thumb[1] Quelle: MSDN Blog

Mobile BI

In the context of Mobile BI a unique mobile access method for all types of reports was announced (for Windows, iOS and Android). The Power BI app for iOS was announced to be published in the App store by the end of december 2015.

image_thumb[2]  Quelle: MSDN Blog

Analysis Services

Analysis Services got several new features like

  • the support of Tabular Model Scripting Language (TMSL) in SQL Server Management Studio
  • Calculated Tables in SSDT
  • a new DirectQuery implementation
  • bi-directional filtering in tabular models in SSDT

Integration Services

Some Integration Services (SSIS) components in the context of Hadoop / Azure got enhancements and new functionality:

  • Avro File Format for HDFS File Source/Destination
  • Kerberos authentication for Hadoop Connector
  • HadoopFileSystemTask: new action CopyWithinHadoop

Master Data Services

  • Derived Hierarchies: Manipulation of Many-To-Many (m:n) relationships
  • Editing of revision history
  • purge of soft deleted members

Stretch Database

The Stretch Database feature got enhancements in it’s configuration dialogs and the stretch portal.

SQL Server Management Studio

In order to cope with all those new features, SSMS also got a new release – SSMS December 2015 Preview (Version 13.0.900.73). New features/enhancements include better comparison of execution plans, better intellisense for inline columnstore indexes and several bugfixes.

Additional Download

I think today Microsoft’s product teams wanted to give us some early christmas/end-of-the year presents. Not only a new version of SQL Server 2016 got released….



Well, what do I need to say more: happy testing!






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One Response to SQL Server 2016–CTP 3.2 is available .. and many other stuff like SSMS, Report Builder, … it’s like christmas!

  1. Yissel says:

    Thanks for the post!! Have you tried SSIS Hive, Pig or HDFS tasks?

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