Power BI–Export Data (to CSV)

Silently an update to the Power BI service was deployed which included a highly demanded feature: Data Export (and that’s what it is – just data!).

If you open a PowerBI report and hover over the “more” menu image you get a new menu-item for exporting data. As far as I found out today this export option works for either tables, charts and also maps –> but be aware: only the data is exported no charts! Sad smile (as of today, but who knows, with the speed of #PowerBI development when we get this export method).


Shortly after starting the export action a dialog is displayed that let’s you choose what you want to do with the generated CSV file. If you use Firefox (with Excel installed on the same machine) an open dialog is displayed; chrome just downloads the generated CSV file.

In Excel, you can use the built-in data formating actions to split data into columns and format your data.

A quick overview diagram:



Update: I think this implementation feature is based on Jen Underwood’s [ t ] idea at https://ideas.powerbi.com:



Happy Power BI testing!




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5 Responses to Power BI–Export Data (to CSV)

  1. ImkeF says:

    Finally! Pretty nice, but limited to 10k row at the moment as it looks.
    For longer tables you can export from desktop via R: http://www.thebiccountant.com/2015/12/28/how-to-export-data-from-power-bi-and-power-query/

  2. John Scott says:

    Does not work and I have the January 2016 version…

  3. cdupblog says:

    It does not work in a dashboard share with other people. I need to share the dashboard with my clients and they can download csv format. …..

  4. Have just used Power BI Desktop to export data to a comma delimited CSV file per above instructions

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