Time Flies–SQL Server 2016 RC 1 is here!

Just a few days (weeks) after Release Candidate 0 and the very interesting Data Driven (launch) event the next step towards SQL Server RTM is released: Release Candidate 1 is available for download at Microsoft Evaluation Center:


Being curious I had to visit MSDN to get an overview about the new features in RC1.

MSDN: What’s New in SQL Server 2016 Release Candidate (RC1) provides an overview about the changes (remark: some of the subsystems’ descriptions only contain references to RC0 – there should be an update there also for RC1) :

  • Database Engine (RC1) – SQL Server Stretch Database Service is now the default data storage service on Azure for Stretch Database / new catalog views and DMs / additional arguments for sp_execute_external_script …
  • Integration Services (RC1) – IDTSComponentMetaData130 interface is added – method GetIdentificationStringByID
  • Reporting Services (RC1) – There is a huge boost with SSRS in RC1
    • Web Portal – Report Manager has been removed, Search is added, data-driven subscriptions
    • Custom Branding – style your web portal with your organization’s logo…
    • Report Embedding – there is now an easy way of embedding mobile and paginated reports in other web pages
    • Enhancements to KPIs and mobile reports
    • Paginated Reports got overworked
    • HTML5 renderer enhancements
    • Power BI Desktop and Excel workbook storage – That’s a very interesting point: MSDN mentions: “Upload, organize and manage permissions for Power BI Desktop files and Excel workbooks.” This does not look like on-premises Power BI rendering but a step forward!
    • The full description >> What’s New in Reporting Services (SSRS) RC1 <<
    • SSRS Blog Post: SQL Server 2016 RC1: What’s New in Reporting Services

Source of the pictures: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/sqlrsteamblog/2016/03/18/sql-server-2016-rc1-whats-new-in-reporting-services/




Another interesting thing mentioned in MSDN documentation – SQL 2016 RC1 is a 64-bit application!  (source: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb510411.aspx)



Have fun & Happy Testing,




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