Power BI–Change of Data Source Settings got easier

In the past it was a “little” bit difficult to change the connection to your data source in a

Power BI file. Without real help in Power BI Desktop there have been some tricks (that worked with editing the underlying xml files) to change the data connection.

Today (working with the latest – June 2016 release of Power BI Desktop) I found out that this action is now much much easer to handle.

I imported several tables from my development database (in my case I use Northwind database as my sample database).


I am not focusing on preparing the Power BI data model but imagine that the model is polished enough and tested by the users. The initial selected NORTHWND database is my development database and does not contain the production data my users want to work with.

How to change Data Source Settings?

There are two ways of changing the settings

  • option 1: File Menu –  Options and Settings – Data Source settings

or directly

  • option 2: in the “Edit Queries” menu

Option 1: File – Options and Settings


Option 2: Edit Queries Menu

The second option to open the settings dialog is contained in the “Edit Queries” toolbar item menu.


What can be changed?

The Data Source Settings dialog lists all the data sources that are contained in the current PBIX file. In my case, only the connection to the NORTHWND database is listed.


After the selection of that entry and a click on “Change Source..” the settings are displayed and can be changed. Either the database server and/or the database name can be changed. No UI support this time – you need to type the new values in the boxes.




Changing Permissions

With a new database server or database you’ll probably need updated security settings. For a given data source you can edit the permissions with the button “Edit Permissions..”.


At that level and in my example those settings are related to the database access.


If you select the “Global Permissions” radio button and afterwards edit the settings you’ll find all the properties for the database-server.



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4 Responses to Power BI–Change of Data Source Settings got easier

  1. Great blog post, what I did was to create the SQL Server Instance name as a Parameter. So that when you want to change it, you can modify the parameters. It does also prompt you for the security settings. I plan on releasing something soon which will explain this better.

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