Power BI (Desktop) – Working with Custom Visuals

If you use custom visuals in your Power BI (Desktop) reports this new functionality in Power BI Desktop (I assume it has been added with the June 2016 update) will definitely be valuable to you.

In older version, the “..” dots in the visuals list in Power BI Desktop and powerbi.com service only allowed to add a new custom visual to the current Power BI report. If the visual was added to the report it was fixed there – no way of removing the reference (well, maybe there was a way, but I did not found it!)

In current versions (Power BI Desktop [June 2016+] and powerbi.com service) the “…” dots are now enhanced with more functionality: you can either add or remove a custom visual from your report.


  • Import a custom visual – works the way we used to import custom visuals. Just select the pbiviz file and import it

Delete a custom visual

If you select the action “Delete a custom visual” a dialog is displayed that lists all imported custom visuals in your report. It even lists the number of associated tiles and gives you a hint to maybe not remove a custom visual from your report if it is still in use in some visuals.


Now it is up to you to select the visual to delete and confirm the following dialog.


This functionality is also working in powerbi.com!



Happy Power BI-ing!



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