Power BI Tip #3 – Download to PowerPoint

Silently new functionality was published to powerbi.com. The export of Power BI reports to Power Point is now available. To start the export, open a report and select the action “Export to PowerPoint”



After the preparation process you’ll be asked to download the generated file. The generated file contains a title slide and per report page a slide is added.


The generated Power Point content looks really nice BUT – the visuals are rendered as images and are not interactive as you are used to work with them in Power BI.

In the current preview version, custom visuals are not supported. If you use them in your reports the following placeholder images are generated:


As the current version is a preview, there are some minor things missing in the export logic. For example page background is not exported exactly in the way it is configured in your Power BI report.


But – the current functionality looks very promising. Great stuff if you need Power BI visuals / figures in your presentation.

Examples generated with powerbi.com version:



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