Power BI and SSRS Technical Preview–Report Actions in the Portal

Power BI and SSRS got real friends with the release of the first technical preview of on-premises Power BI report rendering. In my previous posts I explained 1) how to get access to the preview and 2) what’s behind the scenes in the trial virtual machine and how to work with reports (editing and publishing).

Report Item Context Menu Actions

In this post I would like to show you some actions that can be performed with Power BI reports in the SSRS portal. The new context menu (click on “…” right next to a report item) provides several options for your work with that report item:


  • Add to Favorites – Maybe you haven’t seen it before in the SQL 2016 Report portal – Favorites are a cool feature for pre-selecting your favorite reports.
  • Open – Quite self-explaining opens the report. In this version of technical preview you can only view your Power BI report in the web portal but no web – editing is provided.
  • Edit in Power BI Desktop – opens the selected Power BI report in Power BI Desktop. The round-trip workflow (editing and saving) is supported by the version of Power BI Desktop in the preview virtual machine
  • Download – gives you a copy of the report (pbix file)
  • Move – allows you to move the report to a folder in the Report portal.
  • Delete – nothing to add Smile
  • Manage – Manage the settings of the report item.


The options in “Data sources” allow you to change the underlying connection string and connection credentials. The combobox for Type is currently populated with one entry – SQL Server Analysis Services (as announced and supported for that version of Power BI / SSRS integration).


Another thing to mention here: with the default security options you can specify which user groups are allowed to edit, upload or only view your Power BI reports (it’s the same configuration concept like for other SSRS artifacts).

Comment and collaborate on your Power BI Reports

Collaboration functionality in SSRS Report portal got to a next level. You can now comment on your Power BI report. Nice thing – maybe in a next version the possibility of notifications will be added (something similar like Sharepoint notifications?).



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