Your quick way to SSMS settings (and other direct routes within SSMS)

Another day, another tip for your future improved working day. With the update of SSMS to the underlying Visual Studio Shell 2015, some changes in the user interface have been introduced.

Quick Launch

Maybe you’ve already seen the “Quick Launch” textbox … but what is the secret behind that textbox.. ?


It’s the entrypoint to a number of different options, menu settings and does a search within your recent file list. In my example I was looking for SQL related options and got the following result list:


Maybe you also searched for line number settings in the past – now it is easy to find them.. enter “line number” into the Quick launch box and within one click you are in the right settings dialog.


Search Options

When writing about the SSMS / Visual Studio settings dialog another helper was introduced with the new Visual Studio version. As you’v emaybe seen there is now a “Search Options” textbox which basically provides the same functionality as the Quick Launch but restricted to settings in the Options dialog


If you are not sure where all the options related to colors are found in the settings tree, just enter color and you’ll get all the parts where color settings can be changed. Quite nice, isn’t it?


Happy configuration sessions and enjoy your work,



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