SSRS and Power BI – January 2017 Preview – Log files

With the integration of Power BI into SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) the installation process changed (see my previous post for details). With an installation hick-up during the setup (“Failed to load provider” error in the connect dialog for SSRS configuration manager I had to look for and dive into SSRS log files.

The stand-alone installer adds an additional directory for Reporting services in the program files folder. Compared to older versions, that directory structure was found in the installation folder (and was contained in the Microsoft SQL Server folder).

“pre-vNext” vNext (as of Jan 2017 Preview)
image image

The log files can be found in the Logfiles directory (it was the same directory also for the older versions). In SSRS vNext there more different log files..

“pre-vNext” vNext
image image

The logging information seems to be splitted into multiple log files – if you want for example dig into the Power BI on-premises logging I propose to have a look at the RSPower*.log files.


For future reference (can be changed in future previews and RTMs) the SSRS log files can now be found at:

  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services\RSServer\LogFiles (if you install SSRS into the default directory)


  • <<YourSSRSInstallationFolder>>\RSServer\LogFiles


Hopefully we do not need to dive too deep into SSRS logfiles, but with that post there is a chance that I (and you) find the right directory of the log files.


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