Build 2017 – Keynote Day 1 – Links

Today Build 2017 kicked off with Day 1 keynote containing a ton of announcements. I could not take part of the keynote streaming right from the beginning, but during that hours of keynote social media accounts were flooded with all those news & announcements.

With that post I would like to store (for my and hopefully your future reference) links of the announcements. I know – many links are missing – but if you send me the missing links (or add a comment to that post) we can extend the list together..


Channel9 for Live Streaming ->  If you have time – watch the streaming!

Summary post of Scott Guthrie -> New innovations at Microsoft Build 2017

May Jo Foley wrote a post about the Build 2017 buzzword bingo: On the edge

One of my highlights… How a watch helped Emma write againYoutube Video



Data Platform related

Azure Cosmos DB:


Postgres and MySQL
Database Migration Service
Azure SQL Database
  • Managed Instance private preview
  • GA of Thread Detection
  • Preview of Graph support


Power BI
Flow, PowerApps & Logic Apps Connector
  • API Connector announcement (post)


  • Serving AI with Data: Summary of Build 2017 Data Innovations (post)
    • AI in the Database
    • SQL Server 2017 (Python Support, Graph Support, ..)
    • Azure SQL Database (Graph support, Thread Detection, private preview of Managed Instance)
    • Azure Database Migration Service
    • Cosmos DB
    • Choice of database platforms and tools for developers (Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL)
    • Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio Code (VSCode – post)
  • Cognitive Services collection of intelligent APIs (post)
  • There is a new MVP AI Category (information)



Developer news

    • Visual Studio 2017 for Mac released (Link 1, Link 2)
    • Update to Visual Studio 2017 and next preview (post )
    • Serverless compute (Zdnet)
    • Powershell for Visual Studio Code 1.0 extension (announcement post)
    • Integrated Portal for Azure Functions (announcement)
    • Microsoft announces new tools and services to help developers.. (post)










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