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If you do not know the “new” documentation portal for Microsoft technology – ( is the platform for sharing slides and presentation and will be retired at the end of 2017!!) you should give it a try and add it to your browser favorites. The following technologies are captured and available on (as of 2017-07-13).


With the ever increasing speed of development and faster release cadences it’s getting hard (not even to say impossible) to stay up-to-date with the chances that are put into new versions of i.e. SQL Server. Not to mention those hundred pages of updated documentation… and no clue – what is new and/or changed…

But today I found a nice summary page containing all the changes for specific documentation subject areas and a certain date range of updates! For SQL Server the New and recently updated articles page can be found at:

This page contains links to..

  • New Articles
  • Updated Articles (with excerpts)
  • and Sister Articles – for SQL Server those are i.e. SSAS, SSRS, SSIS, Advanced Analytics, …

docsCom_SQL_Changes   docsCom_SQL_content


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