Power BI Q&A – Visual Enhancements

Today, I found out about a Power BI Q&A feature that enables you to customize the visual appearance of your Q&A results. Treb Gatte shows this feature in a short video, but I would also like to present it to you. Thanks to some of my twitter followers I got the hint that this feature is already available for (some)/ a longer time but I was not aware about it..

Nevertheless.. let’s start with the explanation.

  • Start a new Q&A session on the data set of your choice. I use the Retail Analysis Sample.
  • After you’ve entered a part of your question: the result to your entered question is displayed PLUS the Visualizations & Filter as well as the Fields! 

Q&A results (including Visualizations and Fields pane)

The new Q&A appearence – allowing visualization changes and customization!

  • Like “normal” report authoring the Visualisations pane allows you to customize the type of visual as well as additional settings changes (hint: i.e. change the data color of Q&A results! 🙂 or change the title or add data values… )

Customized visual (data colors changed, title added plus data labels)


The pinned Q&A tile – including all changed properties!

  •  You can even add your analytics features like an average line!

Q&A results with customized layout including analytics options

One tip: If you want to create a slightly changed version of your existing Q&A tile:

  • Edit the original one and change the options.
  • Pin it again and your changes are reflected in a new Q&A tile on your dashboard

Two versions of Q&A results

  • Starting with the right visual (Sales with Average) I now would like to build a chart with the TOP 5 stores. Before this update I had no change using “pure” Q&A to achieve that results. Let’s try it with the updated functionality
  • For the TOP N functionality, the chart needs to get a filter based on the Storename. Change the Filter Type to Top N and enter the required number of entries. What we also need is the measure that defines the ordering criteria… Easy job! Just open the Fields pane and look for This Year Sales (Value) in the field list. Drag&Drop it to the By value field and apply the filter! Et voila! The chart is filtered to 5 entries only!

Q&A with TOP N filtering!

  • As a result – I’ve added an additional tile to my dashboard. The results look really promising. Great customization options for Q&A!

The final dashboard including pure Q&A content



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