Business Application Spring ’18 Release Notes

During the Business Applications Spring 18 Release Launch event many enhancements to the Power* ( *= BI & Apps) Universe have been announced.

In addition to the announcements made during the event, the Spring ’18 Release Notes Guide ( contains a much more detailed listing and description of the coming features. The PDF itself has 267 pages and contains the announcements around

  • GDPR and Accessibility (page 16)
  • Dynamics 365 (pages 17 – 138)
  • Busines Application Platform (PowerApps, Common Data Service for Apps, Microsoft Flow) [pages 139 – 188]
  • Business Intelligence Platform (Power BI, Common Data Service for Analytics, Power BI Insights apps, Power BI Embedded) [pages 189 – 234]
  • Data Integration (focusing around Common Data Model, Data Connectors in Power BI, Power Apps, Flow & Logic Apps, ..) [pages 235 – 261]
  • Media Platform (Microsoft Stream) [pages 262 – 265]


I do not want to dive deeper into the Power BI related announcements – just have a look at Chris Webb’s great summary post.

What really got my attention was the announcement of the Common Data Service for Analytics  (“CDS for Analytics”) [Power BI blog], which is ..

  • a common data schema for Power BI Analytics…
  • can be filled from multiple sources using Power Query Online..
  • and serves as a source for Power BI insights Apps..

Stay tuned for some more detailed posts around this really interesting topic..

In the meantime, you can re-watch the Business Applications Spring ’18 Release Launch event here.

Happy Data Servicing,


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