What Do You Need To Play With The Power Platform?

This blog post is part of my Power Platform blog series.

Maybe you’ve already heard about the Microsoft Power Platform (which consists three tools Power BI, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow) and now is the time to start testing it?

The first questions that arise are: What do I need? Do I need to pay if I only want to try it out?

For more information about the Power Platform please have a look at:

To build the application on your own, you’ll need access to and licenses for

  • com
  • microsoft.com
  • microsoft.com

Grab a trial license for initial testing

If you do not have valid licenses (like with your company’s Office365 license ..) , all three tools provide you with free trial accounts. Please follow the links for

PowerApps Community Plan – Free testing for YOU (and only you)

Be aware that the trials are time-boxed – after the trial period you’ll have to buy a license – OR you could use for example the PowerApps Community Plan which gets you a free environment for individual use of PowerApps and Flow.


Attention: the PowerApps Community plan is NOT for production use!

Attention: existing users (like your user in a trial) can create an individual environment.

powerApps Community Plan

PowerApps Community Plan


Pricing overview

After testing you’ll need to have a look at the overall pricing and licensing. Here are the links for the different products:



Happy testing and trial-ing! 🙂



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