24 Days of PowerPlatform – Day 1 – Let’s kick it off..


Well – It’s december and I thought about creating something special for the end of the year. And what came into my mind?

Introducing the Power Platform Adventskalender

Let’s create a christmas countdown blog series or as we call it in Austria – Adventskalender (for those of you not familiar with that tradition – have a look here: wikipedia).


source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/advent-architecture-blur-business-195030/

What to expect?

A blog post every day until December, 24th! Some of them with new content, some of them summarizing and linking to already published content but all of them have in common:

The post are focusing on one of my favorite tech topic in 2018:

The Microsoft Power Platform

If you’ve never heard about the Power Platform before, it’s a relatively young term. Satya Nadella mentioned it in the Q3 2018 Earnings Conference call (see transcript)


In short:


What really fascinates me about the Power Platform is the ease of use, the low/no-code approaches within PowerApps and Flow and also the powerful 😉 possibilities where the tools can be used.

I’ve already written and prepared some blog posts about the Power Platform during the last months. If you are interested, please have a look here:

Have fun and “read” you tomorrow!



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