24 Days of PowerPlatform – Day 7 – Tell me more about the PowerPlatform Future!


Hi & Welcome back to 24Days of PowerPlatform!

Update 2018-12-21: including the new Power Platform roadmap links!

Today I would like to write some paragraphs about the future direction and planned feature for the Power Platform. In the past, it was quite challenging to get information about the future strategy and planned features of different products.

It was sometimes like a look into a crystal ball to guess some upcoming features 🙂

24dopp_day07_future crystal ball

source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/crystal-ball-in-hands-6101/


But the way how Microsoft communicates those future plannings to customers has changed!

For the PowerPlatform and all the included products

  • Dynamics 365
  • Power BI
  • PowerApps
  • Microsoft Flow and the
  • Common Data Service

there is now a one-stop information point for planned features:


You’ll only have to remember one URL: https://aka.ms/businessappsreleasenotes for all the information about the Power Platform. As of today, there are two version available – the Spring’18 and the October’18 release. The October’18 release deals with the new features that are planned to release between October 2018 and March 2019.

Be aware – there is a PDF and an online version available.

Be aware – these release notes are not static – there are frequent updates! So visit the page frequently to get the most current news!  Hint: there is a Change History available

Have fun and a look at the future of the #PowerPlatform!

Updated and extended: 2018-12-21:

Microsoft released a new roadmap start page for the Power Platform (including Dynamics365, PowerApps, Power BI and Microsoft Flow roadmap information):

The Business Applications roadmap page continues to exist, the new roadmap pages provide (and start with) an more general feature approach.

This post is part of my 24DaysOfPowerPlatform blog series. Have a look at the other blog posts as well..


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