24 Days of PowerPlatform – Day 18 – Power BI Augmented Reality


Consuming reports no matter on which device is one of the key points of Power BI. Whereas reports on a PC, notebook, tablet or mobile phone can be seen as state-of-the art, the concept of using mixed / augmented reality approaches for business intelligence applications is getting more and more attractive.

AND: it’s already possible for Power BI reports! In today’s #24DayPowerPlatform post I will guide you through an example of how to publish Power BI artifacts for augmented reality use.

Using Barcodes and the iOS Power BI App

Starting point for the demo is a simple Excel file containing sales data including the product name plus the barcode.


Within Power BI Desktop, the barcode column is marked as containing barcode information.


The final report looks like this and is published to PowerBi.com


Start the iOS Mobile App and use the scanner menu entry to start the augmented reality Business Intelligence action.. Whenever the scanner recognizes a barcode in the picture, the report which contains that barcode is opened and data is filtered to that barcode.



Using Augmented Reality (with Dashboard tiles)

Another way of using Augmented Reality features with Power BI is to generate QR Codes for Dashboard tiles.

Whenever the iOS Power BI App recognizes a QR code assigned to a dashboard tile (and you have access to that tile), the tile content is shown in augmented reality mode (mixed video plus Power BI content). If you click on the visual, you’ll get to the dashboard tile itself.

See it in action:



More reading:






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