Power BI Dataflows – My Session at the Virtual Power BI Days (2019-01)

Today morning (08:00 am Austrian time on a Sunday) I had the pleasure of presenting a session at the Virtual Power BI Days (2019-01 edition).

Power BI Days are an event (mainly) organized by Jan Mulkens (t) – One day of “real” conference in Belgium on Sunday and one day of virtual conference filled with webinars.

My session today focused on Power BI dataflows, the new data preparation option of PowerBI.com.

Let your data flow – Introducing Power BI dataflows

Power BI serves as a self-service BI platform with a strong focus on data preparation and interactive analysis. With the introduction of Power BI dataflows, self-service data preparation is brought to a new level. The main concepts used are:

* Usage of common and mature technologies: data is stored as entities following the Common Data Model in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2;
* Integration: dataflows are created and managed in Power BI app workspace
* Self-Service and low-code/no-code – Power Query is used as data preparation engine
* Connectivity: dataflows will support a variety of different data sources (including cloud-based and on-premises sources)

Join this session if you would like to learn more about the basic concepts and especially see Power BI dataflows in action.

Jan will put up a recording of the session (and the slides) at recordings.powerbidays.com.

If you do not want to wait for the slides, you can download them directly from here:

2019-01-27 pbi dataflows virtual conference


Happy data flowing,




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