All the Power BI and Power Platform News – Recordings of all Business Application Summit Sessions

Because of COVID-19, this years Microsoft Business Application Summit (MBAS) was changed into a virtual only event. The online event itself went smooth with plenty of announcements for all Power Platform technologies including my favorite: Power BI!

Because the event was shorter (1 day) compared to the multi day conference in the past years, the sessions had to be shortened (~30 minutes) and ended very packed with announcement after announcement.

Sometimes it was hard to catch all the details BUT luckily the MBAS team gave us all the sessions as on-demand sessions!

You only need to open the link to and browse the session catalog!

In addition to the recorded live sessions, the team added more pre-recorded on-demand sessions (you’ll find them with a session code starting with OND***)

All the MBAS 2020 sessions are available for on-demand viewing!

My favorite Power BI sessions are:

What is your favorite Power BI feature? What are you most looking forward to?

Happy Power BI-watching!


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