Welcome, winget!

At Microsoft Build 2020, the new Windows Package Manager winget was announced. I am already using Chocolatey since a few years, but wanted to give the new kid in town a try..

First – How To Get It?

It’s a preview release right now and therefore you have to take some actions to get the winget executable onto your machine.

The first search result I found for installation guidance was the following site https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/package-manager/winget/ where the text mentions that you need the Windows App Installer on your machine..

The App installer is a wrapper with the purpose of enabling sideloading Windows 10 applications possible (and easy). It’s not the Package Manager itself, it’s the application that allows you to install it on your machine!

First – Subpoint 2 – Install it

Well, this was not that obvious for me in the beginning. The documentation state several tools that I should install, some options to register, … to get the package manager on my machine.. But: After some trial attempts, I found out that I do not needed all that stuff..

The magical page for installing the required appbundle package (the one that really contains the package manager) can be found here: https://github.com/microsoft/winget-cli/releases. If you have the App Installer on your machine, you only need to open the link to the *.appxbundle file and this downloads and installs the application on your machine.

Second – Try It

Installation is done – let’s try it. The only thing you need is to open a command prompt or a PowerShell prompt or start the new Windows terminal. It does not matter which one you use.. I’ll stick to the good old command prompt.. šŸ™‚

Let’s try if winget is installed correctly

And now – the question is: which programs are currently made available by winget? Let’s query the list of application by issuing the command

winget show 
this is only a partial listing of available applications provided by winget

If you are looking for a specific application or search team you can search the package repository using

winget search <searchterm>

If you want to get some more information about an application, the command

winget show <SearchTerm/Applicationname>

is your friend. The output of this command lists the description, the version plus the download URL …..

Querying the package list is nice … but the purpose of a package manager is to install and maintain application installations. This action can be started with the command

winget install <applicationname>

In my example, I start the installation of the Microsoft PowerToys. winget downloads the package, starts the installation and that’s it.. No more searching for the download link, no manual installation.. winget does the magic for you!

Last – Use it!

I hope you enjoyed the quick overview about the new winget experience. After finding the right link, the installation is pretty easy as well is the usage of winget

If you need some more information about the available command line parameters – documentation is your friend!

With that, have fun and winget your applications!

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