winget – How To Select The Right Application If Multiple Selections Are Available?

Following up my getting started post about the new Windows Package Manager, winget I almost struggled during one of my first installation attempts.

Installing PowerToys was easy, but I almost was forced to stop when I tried to install PowerShell using winget. Why? I will tell you..

My first action was to query the package listing using the search parameter. winget lists four application (as of today) containing PowerShell either in the name or in some magic tags.

And now, the show began. I planned to go for PowerShell v 7.0.1 and first tried the command

winget install PowerShell

followed by a

winget install Microsoft.PowerShell

hmmm.. this did not work out because winget could not catch my required application. So I had a look at the documentation which added some more parameters to try.

None of the additional parameters for the install command did help.

My last – and successful – try was to use the parameter -e (for exact)!


  • surround your search phrase with quotation marks – this did the trick for me!
  • the search string is case-sensitive!
winget install -e "Microsoft.PowerShell"

Happy winget-ing! Enjoy the packages installing.. 🙂

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