Azure Purview – How to get your External Connections menu

During my tests with Azure Purview I found out, that in my demo accounts (I created multiple to test it) the Management menu was missing some items.

Updated post: 2020-12-07 9:30 pm -> Read the Information from the Purview team below

The problem

In my environments, the Management menu looked like this:

Purview Management menu without external connections entries

Because of the missing menu entries, I could not register my Azure Data Factories like described in the Purview documentation.

My / Our Solution

After discussing with my MVP colleagues Tillmann (t | b) I tried the following – I opened the direct link to the configuration section (Thanks again Tillmann for the link) and changed the purview account name in the URL to my instance

Purview Management menu INCLUDING external connections

Et voila – the section appeared. And it seems like it is still there in the Management menu even after a new start of Purview Studio!

Information from the Purview Team

Thanks to Chandru from the Purview team, we have more information about which rights are required (tweet):

=> you need to assign the rights directly at the resource level and not at an higher level like the resource group or inherited rights from the subscription!

It’s already mentioned in the documentation, BUT right inheritance does not work in this case!


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4 Responses to Azure Purview – How to get your External Connections menu

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  3. Ajay P says:

    Thank you so much for the details! The link to enable/see External Connections for Data Factory is only partially visible above, could you please provide the complete link? Or is there a different way to see/enable the External Connections option?

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