Data News – 2020-12-07

Welcome to another episode of my #DataNews series. In the past week I found some interesting stuff I find you should have a look at.

The last week was a very interesting one – huge and long awaited announcements happened – Azure Synapse Analytics went GA and Azure Purview (Data Governance Service) is available as preview.

Azure Data and Analytics Event

Last Thursday, the Azure Data and Analytics event was broadcasted. Starting with stories from the field and how different organizations around the world solved their data challenges, two major announcement happened:

Azure Synapse Analytics went GA (general available)

After having a long period of some service in GA (dedicated SQL Pools formerly know as “Azure SQL DW”) almost all of the rest of Azure Synapse Analytics went into GA state.

Many of the Azure Synapse features are GA now (source: Azure Synapse Analytics | Microsoft Azure, 2020-12-06)

Azure Purview preview announced

The knowledge of the data estate in your organization is vital for success. Many companies around the world are not fit and do not know their hidden data treasures. With Azure Purview these treasures can be found, classified, combined, visualized and used for a better understanding.

Azure Purview, as – Data Catalog v2 or in a much more broader view, the Azure Data Governance solution – was announced as preview last week.

Event recordings

If you have not watched the videos, you can watch the digital event on demand here – Shape Your Future with Azure Data and Analytics (

Have a nice and successful week,


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