Try Azure Synapse for free – Serverless SQL and Apache Spark pools – but watch your Azure subscription type

Azure Synapse is the new analytics service that – it seems like – everyone gives a try and wants to learn about. For testing purposes, the costs can provide a blocker somehow. But today, the Synapse team announced, that for a limited-time there are free quantities offered to test the service.

As of today (2021-03-17, 9pm), there is an offer for Serverless SQL Pools for free quantities of 10TB processed per month until the end of July 2021.

For Apache Spark Pools, there are 120 free vCore-hourse per month available until the end of July 2021.

Sounds great… !? BUT…

Check your Azure subscription type (just to be sure)

The free quantities are only free for certain types of Azure subscriptions – so be aware and check your subscription type before you enjoy the free Synapse stuff.

Qualified subscription types for the free Azure Synapse offer

If you are not sure how and where to find your subscription type -> have a look at this blog post and in the page about Azure Cost Management.


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