Azure Purview – Access Control and Collection Management

In the past days, it looked like Azure Purview gets new features every day, or multiple new features per day. Today, I spotted the new Catalog Permissions section in the Purview docs. Some of you may think.. well, access control does not sound THAT interesting.. but this one for sure is – You now can configure your access on the Purview collection level. No more – one-role-to-rule-them all.. permissions are now getting more granular in Purview.

For me, this really looked very interesting and I had to try it out .. and today, something new for you my readers – I recorded a short video.

Azure Purview access control – the new stuff from August 2021

As it was a spontaneous idea, please provide me with feedback.

Some things to consider for the Access Control topic:

  • You need to create a new Purview account (after August 18th 2021) to get the new collection experience. The docs do not mention an upgrade option.
  • I did not found a way to delete a sub-collection -> this was possible in the legacy collection experience
  • There is (currently) no way to rename a sub-collection -> be aware and choose your names wisely

Stay curious, catalog your data and #AzureData rocks,


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