Azure Purview Quickstart (Series)

You are new to Azure Purview and want to learn more about this Azure DataGovernance service?
I’ve started a Quickstart Azure Purview – Video Series and would like to invite you to the videos listed below. Feedback and discussion appreciated..

#1 What is Azure Purview?

#2 What is inside? Azure Purview building blocks

#3 – Create an Azure Purview Account (Azure Portal)

Additional information if you get a validation error (resource provider Microsoft.Purview / Microsoft.Storage / Microsoft.EventHub is not registered) -> I’ve collected the required steps to solve this: Unable to create Azure Purview Account – Resource provider Microsoft.Purview is not registered

#4 Azure Purview Studio

#5 – Azure Purview Data Map, Collections and Register Sources

#6 – Scan Definitions and Scan Rule Sets (or how to get metadata into the Data Map)

#7 – Browse your Data Assets and get a Data Catalog Intro

#8 – Classifications and Classification Rules

#9 – Permissions and Roles

#10 – Business Glossary

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6 Responses to Azure Purview Quickstart (Series)

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  3. Sumit says:

    loved your 2nd video.

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  5. Hi Sir,

    Love your content.

    Does Azure Purview have a reference architecture?

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