Azure Purview Announcements March 2022

Hi members of #TeamDatagovernance!

It’s SQLBits week and I have the feeling that the Azure Purview team released some new features I want to summarize and give you some pointers to the announcement posts and documentation:

Dynamic SQL Lineage

For me, Data lineage is one of those fascinating techniques to better understand your data estate and get a better knowledge how systems are connected and what data flows are there in your data landscape.

Lineage was there in Azure Purview since the beginning (Azure Data Factory, SSIS lineage, Power BI) but this week another very important part of data lineage was put into public preview: Dynamic Lineage Extraction from Azure SQL Databases.

There are different ways how data lineage can be extracted from systems – one of them is static code analysis. The static approach includes all the CREATE PROCEDURE / CREATE VIEW statements and summarizes them into a lineage graph. This approach is powerful but there is more going on than the initially defined DDL statements like the execution of dynamic SQL statements.

The approach that Azure Purview implements is the dynamic lineage extraction (announcement post) that incorporates all the actions that happen in the database.

static versus runtime/dynmic analysis (source:

I’ve recorded a short video (youtube link) for a first, quick look on that feature.

Turn on lineage extraction in scan options for Azure SQL databases
Data lineage including a Stored proc

If you want to read more about the feature, learn what pre-requisites have to be met ->

Azure Purview now understand SAP Business Warehouse (BW)

There are new built-in sources added every now and then.. and today, SAP Business Warehouse (BW) was added to the list of supported sources:

SAP BW and Purview documentation:

Workflow support for Data Access Request (Preview)

To know your data sources, their connections and so on is a beginning for your data journey, but access securement is a huge and very important topic.

The Purview team released a new block of functionality – Workflow support for managing data access in Azure Purview

I did not have any time to dive into that feature, but you will get an update (blog post, video) in the next weeks.

In the meantime, please have a look at the announcement blog posts from the team:

Happy data cataloguing and data scanning,


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