Azure Purview is now part of Microsoft Purview

I was ready for a nice relaxing evening today, when an email appeared in my inbox “Azure Purview is now Microsoft Purview!”

Initially I thought… yeah.. “just another Microsoft product name renaming” .. but when I read through it more in depth I found out, that this is NOT just a renaming.

The email I found in my inbox

Microsoft Purview = Azure Purview + Microsoft 365 Compliance portfolio

Microsoft Purview is the (new) name for a comprehensive set of products to govern, protect and manage your entire data estate. From tracking your data sources and their dependencies to managing data compliance regulations, data loss and data risks.

According to, Microsoft Purview helps you to

  • Understand and govern data
  • Safeguard data, wherever it lives and
  • Improves risk and compliance posture

You can also watch the intro-video of the Microsoft Purview team:

Can you tell me your name please?

Microsoft Purview is no new service or product, it combines already existing services under one single umbrella. For a better reference I reference the new-name-cheatsheet from

The new names of the pieces that put together Microsoft Purview.

Not TL;TR – if you need more information

What’s next?

Well, this announcement needs some time on my side to get a better overview and deeper insight about the compliance part of what is now called Microsoft Purview. Stay tuned for some more blog posts and maybe some videos about it.

Love your data, #DoDataBetter and join the #TeamDataGovernance,


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2 Responses to Azure Purview is now part of Microsoft Purview

  1. Benny says:

    Thanks for putting all those valuable links together!

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