How to enable Microsoft Fabric in your (Power BI) tenant

During Microsoft Build 2023, Microsoft Fabric has been announced in public preview. If you want to try Fabric in your tenant, you need to enable the Fabric features in your Power BI admin portal.

  • Head over to Power BI service ( and open the Admin portal (you need Power BI admin permissions to see that menu entry)
  • By default, Microsoft Fabric is disabled (as of now – if you do not change the setting, it will be set to ON after July 1st 2023).
  • In order to use Fabric, we need to enable that setting.
  • In my case, it only needed a refresh of the browser window – and the Fabric UI loaded.. really.. it still looks like the same… hmm

There are some hints in the UI – the URL has a parameter at the end ?experience=power-bi plus on the lower left corner you see the Power BI icon. This icon is the way to change between the different Fabric workloads.

Et voila… we are done and we’ve enabled Microsoft Fabric in our tenant. Easy right?

Now we only have to learn more about Microsoft Fabric in general, the building blocks, the technologies involved and licensing & capacities. Be patient, the internet will bring us many blog posts, articles and videos about Fabric in the near future.. I am sure.. 🙂

Build a happy data fabric,



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