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Azure Synapse Analytics – Success by Design Documents

Today, I stumbled upon a very interesting link – the Azure Synapse Analytics – Success by Design site (follow this link). If you need guidance, best practices links, POC playbooks, links to blogs & videos, tools, .. THIS is the … Continue reading

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How to change URL-copy&paste back to normal (URL only)

Some months ago I switched to Microsoft Edge as my default web browser. I don’t know when it started, but out of a sudden the copy&paste of URLs out of Edge ended strange in the destination application. A new feature … Continue reading

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Azure Purview – Set a Default Account

Ha – something new in the Azure Portal 😉 When I had a look a my Purview accounts, I recognized a change in the list view for Purview accounts – View default account… And curious Wolfi thought.. what’s that? And … Continue reading

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Data Types Conversion Matrix in Power Query

Another useful page for my future reference – Data Types in Power Query describes the available datatypes PLUS a very, very useful Data Types conversion matrix. Convert a decimal number to a date? yes, no, maybe, with a loss of … Continue reading

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Productivity Tip: Shorten duration for events (in Outlook web) automatically

During the last months, my calendar was full of online-meetings which very often were planned one after the other. If it’s a half day block that resulted out of these meetings, it’s fine.. but sometimes I just wanted a break. … Continue reading

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Speaking at about Continuous Integration for the BI Developer

The new year is only one day old and I am happy to announce that I will speak at the 2021 edition of Experts Live Austria conference on Friday, 8th January 2021 It will be an online event and I … Continue reading

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Now it’s the right time to improve your Azure SQL skills

SQL Server and Azure SQL services were and are the foundation for countless applications around the world. Many of us are already familiar with the Microsoft SQL* family products and know how to solve problems with them. But – many … Continue reading

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Create your first SQL Database Project in Azure Data Studio

Are you already working with SQL Server Database projects? Do you think that SSDT is the only option to develop those projects? SSDT was the only option but since a few weeks, there is a new extension for Azure Data … Continue reading

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Power BI Change Log and Release Notes – One for the reference

With very frequent updates of the different parts of the Power BI Universe it is not easy to follow all the updates and – to track a history of changes and new features. In many of my Power BI workshops, … Continue reading

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How to rename a Microsoft Flow

Just a reminder for my future-me! If you ever wanted to rename an existing Microsoft Flow and you found not way of doing it.. here is the solution: Just click into the name of the flow and edit the name! … Continue reading

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