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How to change URL-copy&paste back to normal (URL only)

Some months ago I switched to Microsoft Edge as my default web browser. I don’t know when it started, but out of a sudden the copy&paste of URLs out of Edge ended strange in the destination application. A new feature … Continue reading

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Create your first SQL Database Project in Azure Data Studio

Are you already working with SQL Server Database projects? Do you think that SSDT is the only option to develop those projects? SSDT was the only option but since a few weeks, there is a new extension for Azure Data … Continue reading

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winget – How To Select The Right Application If Multiple Selections Are Available?

Following up my getting started post about the new Windows Package Manager, winget I almost struggled during one of my first installation attempts. Installing PowerToys was easy, but I almost was forced to stop when I tried to install PowerShell … Continue reading

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Welcome, winget!

At Microsoft Build 2020, the new Windows Package Manager winget was announced. I am already using Chocolatey since a few years, but wanted to give the new kid in town a try.. First – How To Get It? It’s a … Continue reading

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How to activate your Power BI Pro (MSDN benefit)

o you have an MSDN subscription? Do you know that there are several benefits included in those subscriptions like one Power BI Pro license? And the best is – it’s for free (at least for some of the subscription levels)!¬†For … Continue reading

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Your quick way to SSMS settings (and other direct routes within SSMS)

In the past, finding the right menu entry or the right place in the options dialog to change a specific setting was not easy to find.. those times are over .. there are no easy ways to directly open the right settings dialog! Continue reading

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Open cmd.exe (or any other program) in a specific Directory

I think all of us had been in the situation to start cmd.exe to work in a specific directory. In the past the only way I knew was to open cmd.exe and move to the required directory. Those steps were … Continue reading

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SQLSentry Plan Explorer PRO is FREE!

I just got a chance to catch up all the news on social media because of my travel to #SQLSatCambridge and found a very, very cool announcement: SQLSentry Plan Explorer PRO is now free! No money is needed for the … Continue reading

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