Azure Purview and SQL Server / Azure SQL Views..

You already may be familiar with Azure Purview (first look)- the Azure data governance / data catalog service. In the last months, I got the chance to work on PoC projects together with customers and use & test Azure Purview in several demo instances.

SQL Views are not recognized by Purview scanners

There was one big thing missing so far – the scanning of SQL Server / Azure SQL Views. Which – well – in many cases (customer databases) was a huge loss of information in the data catalog.

This known limitation is listed on the documentation page but many of us overread this sentence.. 😦


My demo database contains several tables plus two views (depending on tables in the same database – “simple SELECTs”)

demo database (tables plus views)

After a scan in Purview, the list of artefacts looks like this:

Purview asset browser – Azure SQL database without view objects

But…. look what I’ve found today.. SQL Views in Azure Purview

But look what I’ve seen today… there are two more items in the Purview assets list 😉 Azure SQL Views

Purview Asset list (including SQL views)

The View metadata is read – including schema

Purview asset details – schema information for a view

BUT: what Lineage information still missing. This would be the extra bonus piece to have the data lineage for views included. But this is the implementation of today, let’s wait and see what future updates will bring.

Purview lineage for views – currently not available

One step into the right direction – SQL Views are now recognized by Azure Purview scanners. BUT: what really, really, really (@Azure Purview team ;-)) would kick this feature… data lineage for views 😉

With that – happy data cataloging,



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