PASS Data Community Summit – Keynote

The PASSDataCommunitySummit 2021 kicks off with a Keynote presented by Rohan Kumar

  • Limitless cloud database services – choose the way / service that serves you best for your data
  • Unmatched analytics and insights – choose the technology / services to analyze your data and get insights out of it
  • Unified data governance – Rohan compares it to a shield around your data stores and analytic technologies to get the unified overview.

It’s the #DataCommunity

Community is about working together and for each other..

The #AzureDataCommunity has grown in the past months… >70k members, 130+ user groups around the world…

The Azure Data Communtiy grew within the last months around the globe – >70k members and almost 40 countries

Some events / initiatives from and for the community are presented:

  • SQLSaturday
  • DataSaturday
  • NewStarsOfData

SQL Server 2022 – Preview

The first (early access) private preview is announced –

Overview about the SQL 2022 features

Bob Ward demos (and Connor joined 🙂 the “it just gets faster without code changes” in SQL Server 2022 (Parameter sensitive plan optimization)

Bob and Connor discussing 🙂
No code change required – only the compatibility level of the database is changed.. and the magic happens

More about the (Azure) SQL Family

The (Azure) SQL family

“Build once – deploy anywhere”

Azure Arc-enabled data services

Azure Cosmos DB

Announcement: Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra

The Azure Synapse Link family is extended to SQL Server (2022+) and will be available in the future. Synapse Link is more than “just a linked server” -> Synapse Link publishes changes to Synapse and can then be used for analytics in Power BI.

It’s GA. Do some of you remember the Export to DataLake functionality? yes.. Synapse Link for Dataverse is definitely MORE than that…

From Dataverse to Azure Synapse to your the reporting tool of your choice.

Data is pushed from Dataverse to the landing part in Azure Synapse. A Spark database (containing external table definitions to the linked tables) is created. You can use this tables in either Spark or SQL Serverless (using the shared metadata approach) ..

Intelligence Platform

Arun takes over the stage

Empower every individual / every team / every organization

Power BI + Teams integration

Power BI + Excel integration

Power BI Goals

The Complete Analytics Fabric => Power BI and Synapse

Announcements for Power BI

  • Patrick talks about Hybrid Tables and Automatic Aggregations.
Analyze the effects of Automatic Aggregations
Hybrid Tables – Import for historical data + Direct Query for the most up-to-date data.

Azure Purview – Data Governance

If you want to learn more about #AzurePurview – there is a video quickstart series available:

Data Lineage

Data Lineage is one of the key features required for a good understanding of your data landscape. Btw. if you want to learn more about data lineage, has a very good introduction:

Integration of Purview and Synapse

Integration of Power BI and Purview

Integration of SQL Logic (Stored Procs…)

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