How to change URL-copy&paste back to normal (URL only)

Some months ago I switched to Microsoft Edge as my default web browser. I don’t know when it started, but out of a sudden the copy&paste of URLs out of Edge ended strange in the destination application. A new feature in Edge changed the format of copied URLs in a more “user-friendly” format. Which is nice, yes, .. but…

User-Friendly Formatting for copied URLs

Just in case you do not know how this user-friendly URL does look like:

User-friendly URL copy & paste

How to change it back to URL only

For my job, I often have to write documentations and other documents and in those I want to see the real URL. So I started to do a little research and there are several options to the back to the URL only:

  • Change the Paste mode in Word (Keep as Text only)
  • Change the default way, how Edge copies URL

This is my preferred way – change the default setting how MS Edge copies URLs. Short way: open Edge and enter edge://settings/shareCopyPaste into your address bar (or you open Edge settings and navigate to the Share, copy and paste section).

This opens the settings page for URL sharing. Choose the link option if you want the user-friendly information, choose the plain text version if you want the link only.

I hope you liked this tip – otherwise this post is another reference for future Wolfi 😉

Happy copy&paste,


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